The Nimrod Realty Group, Inc. has grown into a group of companies that offer a full range of real estate services to assist our clients, and maintain and improve their properties.

We focus on efficiency and quality service; and, our goal is the same as yours…

  • Our Management, Building Maintenance and Repair services meet a full range of needs
  • We have an established reputation serving the Chicagoland area since 1981
  • We offer the flexibility you need, and a commitment to quality customer service
  • With an AMO® accreditation, we ensure professionalism and integrity

You will find that we have the time, the skill, expertise, professionalism and the desire to serve you.


As a North Shore property management firm we offer:

  • Services tailored to Homeowners, while focusing on building communities.
  • Services to small and mid-sized associations with the flexibility to meet specific needs.
  • The ability to assist our customers in building equity and maintaining property values.

Nimrod Realty Group, Inc. is committed to providing the most professional and responsive hands-on management available in a timely and cost - effective manner.

We are engaged in the business of serving condominium associations, homeowners, their Boards, and real estate property owners. The goal of our companies is to be number one in total customer satisfaction. Our purpose is to provide our customers with the highest, best and most efficient level of service by using the skills, experience, and time of our employees. We are constantly striving to improve methods, procedures and working conditions, reduce costs, reduce errors and in the end find ways to benefit the Associations and Properties we manage.