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The Nimrod Group of Companies - 1761 Glenview Road  -  Glenview, Illinois 60025 - Ph. 847.724.7850  -  Fax 847.724.2840
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When your man arrived he knew exactly what the problem was and just what to do to fix it. It took him no time at all, and I wanted to thank you for sending him so fast.

Walter - Glenview

Your painter was polite and moved or covered everything. He was able to accomplish whet other had tried but could not do. Everthing looks great and it its just what I wanted.

Tom - Lake Forest

Your painter was able to finish with some paint I had. It wasn't the same color, but now I don't need to call someone to finish the job. And he did such a good job too!

Margeret - Glenview

Richard tells me your men did a very good job on the wall repair. I have not seen it yet- but if Richard thinks it was a good job- then that's good enough for me. He's harder to please than I am.

Thanks Again!

Gary- Lake Forest

The handyman was very polite, slipped off his shoes to come inside, and knew exactly what to do. He went to the store for screws and used the extra metal bar that we excluded from the installation, combining it with tthe "rabbit ear" metal bar we used.  The fixture is tight against the wall and ready for winter winds. He did comment that the fixture was barely hanging on the wall when he got into it. 

Tell Brian his handyman is a very good hire.

Peg - Lake Forest

Hi Ken,

I hope you're doing well!

We really love our basement and have been spending tons of time down there.

We really couldn't be happier.

Amy - Wilmette

Thanks for having the repairs made to the ceiling. The person you sent did a good job.
-F - Evanston

Can you help us? The florescent light in our storage area downstairs does not work, of course, right when we need it for the movers! We have a temporary light now with an extension cord.

I determined that it is not the light bulbs, so the next most likely problem is the ballast.

It is a Universal Model 446-L-SLH-TC-P for a 48" fixture. Could your repair service fix this by 11 AM Wednesday and let us know so we can pay you directly? We will leave town today mid-PM but the closing is not until 3 PM Wednesday. There is a walk-thru with the new owners on Wednesday at 11 AM.
GeorgeLake Forest

Thanks. Your service man did the repairs and we can be on our way.

Dear Ken:

Thank you for completing the repairs on unit #2C.

The necessary repairs listed by the the inspector of the buyer was as follows: Leak in master bath and the repair of the screen handle, etc

Ken, since the faucet installation was completed and paid for, please do not include this in your bill to me. I am required to show payment for the above-mentioned repairs to my lawyer for closing purposes. (The buyer's realtor and the buyer noted missing screens which you kindly installed.)

Thank you for all of your help and courtesy.


Margaret - Lake Forest

My condo had no heat and it was very cold outside. Your service man looked at the radiant heat system and suggested I call a heating contractor. When I asked if he knew of any he said he would call me later.

Later that day he called to say that someone would be out, but they were very busy.
They showed up later that day and worked till about 8pm, but when they left, I had heat.

Thank you Nimrod Maintenance.

Maxine - Glenview

Our toilet was clogged when we called for service. The man that came out did a wonderful job. We also let him look at some other problems we had. He went above and beyond, and we are very pleased.

Thank You

Aldona - Lake Forest

I only had a few minor jobs to be done. The service man responded promptly and the cost was reasonable.


Nancy - Lake Forest

Nimrod Maintenance has repaired many minor jobs for me. I call them for all my work.


Elaine - Lake Forest

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